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Complete. Unambiguous. Easy to use.

Philosophy of Trading Profitably

Successful trading starts with a philosophy that yields consistent results in all market conditions.

The CUE philosophy of swing trading stocks profitably relies on a math-based approach. All that you need to ascertain for yourself is whether you can implement the maths in your trading.



Master swing trading stocks by studying live 360° CUE analysis covering market direction, sector-industry rotation, fundamental, technical & seasonality analysis.

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Complete in every way


CUE is a complete system in every way.

You can use it in the USA market as well as in all major global markets. 

Be a swing-trader, long-term investor, or day trader; CUE systems provide you with all the essential analytical tools. The primary trading horizon of most CUE traders tends to be swing trading.

Stock, ETF, option, future, forex - all instruments can be analyzed using CUE tools. Though all those can be analyzed using CUE systems, most CUE traders focus primarily on stocks, ETFs, and options in their trading.

It allows you to do both charting and scanning. You can analyze charts and execute scans in 100% real-time. The scans are not only for signals but also for well-defined trade setups.

CUE has trade setups for all market conditions, a trending, sideways, exhausting, and reversing market. And only one trade setup for each market condition. You can confidently trade in any market condition using CUE trade setups.

CUE has dedicated and integrated components for the market (both external and internal health), technical, fundamental, industry-sector rotation, and even seasonality analysis.

In terms of trading workflows, you can implement all the common workflows: top-down, bottom-up, fundamental first, and seasonality first workflows. You can also implement other custom workflows. 

CUE provides a complete system irrespective of your choice of instrument, trading horizon, market condition, analysis span (only technical or 360 analysis), and workflow. It is a complete system in every way of trading and investing.


Leaves nothing to ambiguity


Analysis ambiguity is a primary cause of wealth destruction in trading. The CUE systems avoid ambiguity to the maximum possible extent.

CUE technical signals are unambiguous. A line indicator is bullish if it is tiling up, bearish if it is tilting down. If an indicator has multiple colors, such an indicator plots as a dot, histogram, etc., not as a line. In that case, green and cyan are bullish. Red and magenta colors are bearish. Yellow color is neutral. As a result, CUE indicators have only one interpretation regarding whether they are bullish, bearish or neutral.

And then comes trade setups. Every CUE trade setup is associated with a checklist of indicators. Because the indicators are individually unambiguous, the chceklists and trade setups are also without ambiguity.

CUE solved the confusion in fundamental analysis by focusing on a few key dimensions and scoring and color-coding them in a scorecard. This scorecard uses the same color codes as in technicals: green and cyan are bullish, red and magenta are bearish, and yellow is neutral. You can decide without confusion whether a stock is fundamentally strong, weak, or in the middle. 

Sector-industry rotation analysis is also unambiguous becuse it shows as color-coded scorecard and heat-map. You will immediately see which sector-industry is relatively and abosoluely strong, which one is weak and which one is in the middle.

CUE implements seasonality analysis in a similar unambiguous manner using color-coded heat-maps.

Unambiguity across all analyes dimensions results in unambiguos trading decisions, which is essetial in trading profitably.


Lets you focus more on the market, less on the system

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With CUE technicals, you don't need to set any parameters to adjust to market conditions or your choice of trading instrument. There is no parameter at all. You don't have to compare indicator values with thresholds to decide if they are overbought or oversold. The system does all the work and plots overbought or oversold conditions using color codes. You don't even have to figure out if divergence is taking place between price and indicators. 

Chart templates are pre-designed. You don't need to plot indicators to come up with chart templates. Each template serves a specific trading decision, like trade confirmation, stop management, etc.

The scans identify the trade setups, not only trade signals. You can scan for all the possible CUE trade setups using a single Finder scan. Or only your favorite ones. 

You can navigate seamlessly between technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sector-industry rotation analysis, seasonality analysis, and market analysis using the workflow(s) of your choice. Commonly used trading workflows are top-down, bottom-up, fundamental-first, and seasonality-first. You can implement these workflows and more using CUE systems with a few mouse clicks.

CUE trading systems cover every trading analysis of significance. You don't need to toggle between systems with different underlying platforms, interfaces, color codes, parameters, or data structures. 

The result is that you focus more on the market and less on the system.


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