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Master the skills needed to trade profitably using CUE systems and techniques.

Here is the suggested sequence of using the detailed material we have put together for you.


A simple maths shows that it should not be difficult to profit from the market by swing trading stocks.


Know the CUE systems components and what they can do. Each system aligns force from one dimension with your trade. Together, they can align all the essential dimensions, resulting in high-probability and low-risk trades. These are the kind of trades that implements the maths behind the philosophy of swing trading stocks profitably.


Learn the CUE trade setups and their market conditions. Study the unambitious checklists associated with each trade setup. Once you master them, you can identify a trade by looking at CUE charts in a few seconds.

You will learn all the CUE indicators of the checklists in detail from the masterclass videos.


Master the CUE systems and techniques using the masterclass series of detailed videos. The topics include underlying platforms, installation steps, technical analysis, scans, market breadth analysis, sector-industry rotation analysis, fundamental & peer analysis, seasonality analysis, end-to-end trading workflows, etc. If you have questions after watching these videos and while using CUE systems, we are always available to answer them.

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Watch the market recaps (at least the last three, the earliest one first) we conduct regularly. Observe how to establish a market bias in all market conditions and find 360° trading opportunities where all the forces are aligned. 

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We identify and share 360° trade ideas using real-time CUE analysis on the traders' forum.

Study the latest ten or more trade ideas. That will show how to apply CUE systems to identify trading ideas.

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You may register with your social network credentials or email and verify your email by following the instructions in the verification email. If you don't see the verification email in your email inbox, look for it in the spam folder.

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Our Twitter page focuses on applying CUE systems in the live market. And only on that.

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Join us in the live tutorial and Q&A sessions to clarify any further queries you may have on CUE systems and techniques.

Remember to subscribe to our TradingProfitably YouTube channel so that you get notifications of these live sessions.

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We take pride in providing not only the best-in-class products but also in world-class support.

Email your support-related queries. We will promptly attend to that.

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