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Designer, developer, and active user of CUE systems and techniques

Sagar has an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Graduate degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, a master’s degree in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and an Executive MBA degree from the National University of Singapore.

After starting his career in Citibank, Chennai, India, Sagar worked in several MNCs and Global Companies. Sagar lived in Singapore for most of his career. His last two jobs were as Asia Pacific Vice President for the Communications Global Business Unit of Oracle Corporation in Singapore. And Managing Director of German Multi-National Company Organisation Systems where he established the Indian entity of the company and also ran the APAC Consulting business as Director.

Sagar has traveled extensively helping clients in the USA, Brazil, Germany, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Bahrain, Israel, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Japan, and South Korea, Fiji to name a few.

Sagar has been trading actively for more than fifteen years mainly in USA and Indian markets using Stock, Future, and Options. During his early trading life, Sagar used many systems but did not find one that is complete enough, unambiguous enough, and easy to use enough for retail traders.

Frustrated with the inefficiency of the systems he saw and the often-insincere approach of the systems providers he experienced, Sagar set out to create a robust system for himself.

Sagar spent many years in research, trial and error systems development, learning from experts on what works and what does not, undergoing psychology courses to figure out how psychology affects trading and why un-ambiguity, and simplicity are essential (not good to have – but necessary) to successful trading.

After many sleepless nights spent coding and testing and simulating, he created the CUE (Complete, Unambiguous, Easy to use) Trading System.

Sagar left the job in 2013 and had been a full-time trader and coach to a small group of traders since then.

Initially, the CUE Trading System was offered only on an invitation basis to very active traders using a broker-specific TradeStation® platform for the USA market.

Now that same robust system is available to traders all over the world as an Add-On to the world-class Metastock charting platform.

Sagar uses CUE systems daily and uses only CUE systems for all his trading decisions. He regularly shares live trade ideas using CUE analysis through the traders’ forum, Twitter, YouTube videos, etc. He is ever ready to help new and experienced traders alike with what he uses in his everyday trading.

When asked what brings the most satisfaction to Sagar in the investing and trading world, he does not hesitate a moment.

“The greatest gift of my investing career is that it let me come to know many talented and unique people spread around the world. Discuss together. Learn from each other. Support each other when one makes a mistake. Have fun together. And invest profitably together. Few other activities in my life brought distant people together so easily and so quickly. Many of these marvelous people have become good friends for life.” Sagar says.

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