And underlying platform, and data


CUE Systems has multiple logical components, each covering a distinct area of trade analysis.

Here are the CUE components and their underlying platform and data.
These systems can be used not only for the USA market but for global markets as well, as shown in the systems diagram below.

CUE DIVES refers to all these CUE systems as a group: CUE Diary, Index, Vital, Edge, and Season.

CUE Global & Finder and CUE DIVES are for both USA and global markets with 100% real-time operation using MetaStock Xenith data feed.

CUE Elite is 100% real-time and is for the USA market. It uses the underlying TradeStation® brokerage platform's data feed.

Using these CUE components, you can align all the forces with your trades, giving you high-probability and low-risk trades.

CUE Systems Platform and Data.jpg